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Premier Towing Centre

20 - Jan - 2015

Caravan repairs and spares for you.


Caravan Repairs in Tipton

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Caravan & Motor Home Servicing in the West Midlands

Welcome to Premier Towing Centre.

We are a family business set up by Keith Wall in 1992 specifically aimed at owners of older models of caravans as a workshop for repairs and servicing, not to sell you a new caravan.


We have gained a reputation for high quality repairs to old and obsolete models including foreign imports, trailer tents and motorhomes and take pride in returning them to their original condition using identical materials where possible.

Any kind of repair is possible i.e. damp, body, chassis. We are qualified LPG gas engineers and a recognised service centre for major appliance manufacturers, including Truma, ALKO, Thetford and others.

Experts For You

Although we do not sell new caravans we are approved to carry out warranty work for many of the current manufacturers of caravans and motorhomes, and are often called upon to carry out work under warranty for other main dealers.

Due to the demand for second hand parts for DIY repairs or van conversions we have been involved in breaking of wrecks for many years and have built up considerable stocks.

We can provide a mail order service taking payment for parts or accessories over the telephone, this is available for most items. Please call to request postage prices on specific items.

NCC Approved Workshop

Premier Towing Centre are now an NCC Approved Workshop! We have recently been awarded NCC Approved Workshop status, and are proud to be the ONLY workshop within the Sandwell/North Birmingham area with this membership.

This now enables Premier Towing Centre to carry out warranty work on all Elddis, Coachman and Lunar caravans and motorhomes!


Opening Times

Monday: 9am - 6pm
Tuesday: 9am - 6pm
Wednesday: 9am - 6pm
Thursday: 9am - 6pm
Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday: 9am - 2pm
Sunday: CLOSED (April - September 10am - 2pm)



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